About company

Building Trust 21 was formed on January, 5th 1958 to perform construction and mounting works. In 2004 Building Trust 21 was transformed into open joint stock company by order of the Minsk Regional Territorial State Property Fund on 30.12.2004. Number 34 and was registered by the Minsk regional executive committee on March 31, 2005 № 267 in the the unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs under Primary State Registration number number 600 126 616.

For more than 50 years of the Trust’s activity significant facilities for the Republic of Belarus were built and commissioned: JSC "BelAZ", JSC "BATE" plant "Avtogydrousilitel", JSC "Borisov Meat Processing Plant", JSC "Ekran", JSC "Borisov plant of aggregates" plant "Zeni"” in Vilejka, plant" Polimiz", JSC "Svitanak" in Zhodino. A lot of objects for agricultural purposes in the Minsk region and beyond such as Combine state farm "Borisov" poultry farm in the state farms "Velyatichi" and "Gvardia", "Construction of pig farm in agro-town Loshnitsa", "Reconstruction of a poultry farm for broiler breeding of JSC "Klenovichi” in the village Dvoritshe Krupsk district's", "Integrated facility for milk production by 1100 heads in urban village Bobr Krupsk district's", "Construction of a pig-breeding complex sow farm 1st for 1000 sows in the village. Rassoshnoe Smolevichi district’s" and more. JSC "Building Trust 21" acted as general contractor in construction of the State Investment Program of the Republic of Belarus on the modernization of the woodworking industry of "Borisovdrev".

JSC "Building Trust 21" had conducted fruitful cooperation with foreign companies for the construction of facilities in the Russian Federation in the city of Tver, Yelnya and others, was carrying out construction-assembly work in Armenia after the earthquake extreme conditions. Trust worked on construction of public housing in areas of Gomel and Minsk regions according to the program "Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster clean-up operations" was carried out construction of housing.

JSC "Building Trust 21" develops intensively and gains strength its position at present. Currently JSC "Building Trust №21" is the multi-profile enterprise of the ministry of architecture and building of the Republic Belarus which consists of specialized branches carrying out different types of construction and assembly with a solid production basis.

JSC "Building Trust 21» acts as the general contractor and builds facilities to "turnkey" for any purpose.

In 2009 the quality management system has been successfully introduced and certified which in the context of the construction of buildings and structures for industrial and civil purposes of first and second level of responsibility conforms to the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009 and guarantees high quality of work.

On December 1, 2010 Occupational Safety Management System was implemented in the Trust. The certificate of conformity issued by accredited Certification Body for OSH Management systems confirms the safety management system of construction of buildings and structures for industrial and civil purposes of first and second level of responsibility and corresponds to the requirements of STB 18001-2009.

In 2014 JSC "Construction Trust 21" was ranked sixth among enterprises in the Republic of Belarus in the State statistical ranking of the top 100 (gold). And in the same year Construction Trust 21 won the competition among organizations Borisov region and following the results of work for 2013-2014 was placed on the Awards and Recognition Board of Borisov district.

July 3, 2015 the Trust has joined a self-regulated construction organization adopted a self-regulatory organization "Interregional Constructors Association" in Moscow and received certificates on the admission to works on the territory of Russia.

At the bottom of all our achievements are true heroism., genuine hard work, drivenness and high qualification of each employee.

The structure of "Construction Trust 21" consists of the following affiliated organizations:

Construction Management 278
19, Denina str., Borisov

Construction Management 272
14, Denina str., Borisov

Production and Processing Equipment Agency
19, Denina str., Borisov

Management of Mechanization 87
14, Denina str., Borisov

Summer Camp "Constructor"
Dudinka vil., Borisov district

Housing and utilities sector
71, Gagarina str., Borisov