Summer Camp "Constructor"

The summer recreation camp "Constructor" was built in 1985 and is situated in the most picturesque place of Dudinka, 3 km away from Borisov beside the Berezina River.

The camp covers a total area of 3,4 ha. The territory of the camp is fenced and landscaped. There are numerous beautiful flowerbeds as well as fountains.

Planning the educational work is conducted in compliance with recommendations of the Ministry of Education, instructive-methodological letters, in the framework of the Republican action "The Summer to the good".


During the camp session various intellectual activities are being held. And beside that children can visit a swimming pool daily. The camp offers also horse riding and cycling. Exhibitions of creative works, drawing and poster contests are organized constantly. Care givers are putting up performances being waited for children and visitors with impatience. During the summer health improvement season the subject discos with contests and amateur art activities are held.
For physical-recreational and sports-mass work there are swimming pool, stadium, basketball and volleyball courts, soccer pitch, five table tennis tables, two sport floors for badminton.

Children are looking forward to attack the summer holidays to return to the summer camp where their abilities and talents are developing, new victories, friends and interesting events are expected. In the summer recreation camp "Constructor" all conditions had been created for personality-development of each child. So after the holiday the children return home physically healthy and emotionally charged.