Management of mechanization 87

Management of mechanization 87 of JSC Construction Trust 21 has been established on the base of Management of mechanization and special works – 87 in accordance with order No 19 of construction trust 21 from March 20, 1974.

Since February 27, 2011 Mr. Varavko Leonid Leonidovitch act as director of Management of mechanization 87.

Management of mechanization 87 is a modern mechanized enterprise with a large fleet of modern construction machines and mechanisms.

Management of mechanization 87 has a high production potential and is able to solve many problems in the field of mechanization of construction processes.

Individual approach, strict observance of regulations and laws of the Republic of Belarus, as well as the functioning the quality management system that meets the requirements of STB ISO 9001 – 2009 and the OSH management system - STB 18001-2009 – all of this will determine the extent of our overall success.
Leonid Varavko
Director of Management of mechanization 87

The affiliated organization is ready to offer construction and special works:

  • earthwork operations (mechanized dredging and special works on ground of building foundations);
  • package of works to improve public amenities including planting and pavements;
  • arrangement of grounds and foundations of buildings and facilities;
  • mounting of the outward engineering net and facilities of water supply as well as waste water disposal system, installation of interior systems for domestic sewage;
  • construction of reinforced concrete structures;
  • mounting of pre-fabricated reinforced concrete structures;
  • steel structural assembly works, arrangement of roofs, dismantling and demolition of buildings;
  • carriage of dangerous goods;
  • renting of machinery and equipment.